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If you noticed that you need to design or develop your logo to express your company objective and vision, then the following five rules can help guide you through the process of designing or developing your logo.


1. Choose Suitable Symbol

The logo must have some connection to what it is representing. First you have to ask your self, is your logo proper for your company? For example, if your company business related to food then you can use the related symbols of this kind of business like fork or dish symbol. Remember that a photo does not make a logo.

Take a lot of time to search and study your competitors and see in details what symbols, shapes and colours they use. You can also study famous brands for logo design to give you an overall idea of what seems to be effective in market.

Don't make your logo be similar to any other. In fact, you should make it unique in order to be recognized well.


2. Make it simple, illustrated, efficient and flexible

A logo should be very simple and illustrated to be noticed quickly. Where, the main aim of designing the logo is to build brand recognition. The logo must look harmonious across multiple platforms. Consider the different places and ways that the logo will be presented. An important test must be held for the logo, during designing it is to be sure that it will be efficient when it's blown up to the size of outdoor ad, or when it's printed on business card and you're looking at it from a distance. As you must still see it clearly, this test determine the level of flexibility of the logo and whether it still function in all the potential and various mediums it may be used in. It may be looks clear and nice on computer screen but this doesn't mean it will still be the same level of identifiable when it became very large, or small, on printed materials.The logo must be easy to describe. Sketch out ideas using paper and pencil before working on a computer help a lot in reaching the ideal flexibility form. Your logo gives clients an impression about who you are in a single shoot. Try to invoke feelings of being bold and confident, never dull and weak. But you must know that creating a simple illustration is not easy, however it's critical to let the final logo be as simple as possible. Avoid complex graphics details which for sure will make your logo unremembered, so get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary. Use sharp lines for sharp businesses, smooth lines for smooth businesses. Do not combine elements from popular logos and claim it as original work. Do not use clip art under any circumstances. If the logo contains an icon or symbol, as well as text, place each so that they complement one another. Also a simple logo reproduces clean view to different sizes. You want your company logo to look almost the same whether you use it on fax, letter, business card, website or on a billboard ad. The logo should be recognizable when mirrored. And Text must be readable.

3. keep away from using Special Effects

Try to resist the harmful desire to add special effects like drop shadows, gradients, reflections, and light explosions .... in your company logo. In most mediums Special effects always appear unclear and difficult for the eye to catch when used in a printed business card, printed advertisement or a website. Of course in some cases there are always exceptions to use these effects, like using it in animation and multimedia. Otherwise for preserving the idea that the logo should be simple, you have to completely avoid these special effects.


4. Colour Communications, contrast and Harmony

Colour afford conceptions which vary from culture to another. You have to pick colours that best suit your brand. If you've already a pre decided colour, make sure your logo shape will be in harmony with it. Illustrate your colour selection and Do not use more than three colours.The logo should look good in black and white. Avoid bright, neon colours and dark, dull colours. Make sure that the logo is recognizable when inverted. Create variations. The more variations, the more likely you are to get it right.

5. Timeless logo design.

Avoid recent logo design trends. Trends vanishes by time, It's very important to make the logo being timeless which means that it is able to survive with the same high level of success long-time after its creation. However, if it is in some circumstances may need minor alterations,but these alterations should be minor, and not touches the basic structure of the main design.


Finally, realize that you will never create a perfect logo. Completely ignore what your parents and/or family think about the design, Confirm that the logo looks appealing to more than just three (3) individuals.

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