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TOPIC: Simon is located in the Mage Guild in Yanille

Simon is located in the Mage Guild in Yanille 2 months 6 days ago #104218

Kamu disappears into thin air. Just follow the direction of OSRS Items Ignacius Vaulcan. Simply walk. Suddenly, your opponent will be knocked unconscious and suffer 10 damage. Your player will awaken in a dark cave, lit by four torches within each cornor. There are a variety of swords, crossbow bows, bows, staves, as well as runes, bolts and arrows, on the rack. If you look around, you'll find the Ghostly Assassin.

Who sent you fools? I'm not able to reveal the identity of the person, but it's strictly confidential. Fine. You're here. I would like to speak with you about Ghostly's mission. I am able to, but you must pay a price. What is the price? 10 Death Runes. They're here.

Good. Ivan, the Guardian of Death is sought by the spy. Ivan is a corrupted soul who will not allow anyone to pass him unless they kill him. He is seeking a way to kill him, so I can finish the job. However, he's more powerful than me and him. Here's where you come in.

You are a wizard with special abilities that allow you to kill the undead, so I think the living may be more effective on the undead. You'll require a small force to break through the frontline of Undead Soldiers before you can take him down. Be cautious. Check out this list. These are the people you need to rally if Ivan is to be killed.

Simon is located in the Mage Guild in Yanille, on the upper floor. Attack and kill two wizards, and once they're dead, you can begin a conversation with Simon. This can only be done using Amulet of Phantomspeak or Ring of Buy OSRS Accounts Visibility. You are killing my living followers! You have no followers! Yes! Yes, I built this tower. Simon is known as the Ghostly Mage. Simon? Simon? Yes. Yes.
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Simon is located in the Mage Guild in Yanille Bestmengqin 2 months 6 days ago
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