Students Digital Painting Work

Students who will complete the digital painting course will be able to draw and paint the following compositions and items:

  • Features (eyes, nose, mouse, ears, .... from any angle).
  • Portrait from any camera angle.
  • Human Figures any position.
  • Animals and any other stuff.
  • Landscape including (sky, clouds, mountains, rocks, grasses, trees, water .... etc).
  • Still Life (including different textures like copper, wood, glass, textile .... etc).
  • Concept Art including Matte painting.
  • Making professional photography retouch

This level of drawing and painting abilities will be reached as a result of studing and practicing Human Anatomy, Face features, Andrew loomis method, portrait drawing technique, Gesture drawing, linear prespective, atmospheric prespective, color theories, composition, and retouch techniques .... Dr/ Mahmoud Nasr

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